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08 July 2011

Favorite Toy Friday

I have become somewhat of a toy aficionado.  What I used to know about Intra aortic balloon pumps and coronary vasculature is slowly being replace by the best ways to teach reading and how many foam letter O's will fit up a three year olds nose.  (Two if your curious). 

Today's favorite toy that I'd like to share with you is......

Hyper Dash

This is a great game for ages 3 to 9, in my opinion.  There are four different settings, each with three levels of play.  On the easiest level, you can play by color alone.  The highest level is more math based.  It can be played inside or out.  I use this as a great way to burn off some energy in the winter.  

To play, you place your discs as far apart as you'd like.  Then pick your mode and play.  The tapper will call out a color or number or math problem and you take your tapper and cover the correct disc. 

This makes a great gift and is reasonably priced at less than $20.

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