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07 July 2011

Local Grocery Deals

Here's some great deals that are going on right now.

Shop N Save is having their 2 Day Sale finishing up Friday.
Chicken breast 4 bags for $20.
Ragu spaghetti sauce  $0.99
Eckrich bun size hot dogs  buy 1 get 2 free
United Dairy ice cream 5 for $10
Sugardale bacon 4 for $10

They also have Flavorite dozen eggs and Shop N Save frozen veggies for 10/$10.

You can also price match the following items at Walmart if you don't want to leave Fairmont.

From CVS:
2 liter Coke, Diet Coke or Sprite for 0.69 each - limit 5
United Dairy milk (2%, 1% or skim) for 2.99 each - limit 2

From Kroger:
Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, RC or Diet Rite 12 pack, 12 ounce cans  5 for $12.
Pepsi, Diet Pepsi or Mountain Dew 6 pack, 24 ounce bottles 5 for $10.
Grands biscuits 0.99 each - lots of coupons out for 0.40 off 2
Gatorade (red) or G2 (grape)  0.68 each.
Chef boyardee mini ravioli   0.69 each (this makes me want to gag, but I'm sure someone must like it....and it's a good price.)
*You have to buy 10 total of the biscuits, Gatorade or ravioli to get the price.  Not 10 of each item, just a group of ten items.
Whole pineapples 2/$5
Yellow or Zucchini squash or green beans 0.99 per pound.

From KMart:
Cantaloupes  0.99 each
Peaches  0.79 per pound
Iceburg lettuce 0.99 each

I really don't need many groceries this week, but I am planning on going to Rite Aid to sign up for their rewards card.  They have a $2 up rewards for my favorite hair color, John Frieda Precision foam hair color.  I also have two $2 off coupons for it as well.  With my up rewards, it will make it $7.99 each instead of $11.98, which is the cheapest I've found it (at WalMart).  While I'm there I'll pick up some Juicy Fruit and Extra Dessert Delights gum on sale for 0.69 each.  Maybe I can bribe Josiah to stay in his class at church with gum. 

If you know of any other great sales, be sure to comment and let me know. 


Tara Fancher said...

I just read walmarts price match guidelines and it said you "don't" have to show an ad, just tell them the sale and they have to give it to you! I've always been told you have to show the add which is kind of a pain, so has anyone else done this w/out the ad?

Charli said...

Tara, you're right. Their policy is that you don't have to have the ad to price match. I still always take the ad with me in my coupon binder. What I think is most confusing is that they say you don't need an ad, but when something says "select varieties", they only honor the price on what's pictured in the ad. So...how's that work if I don't have the ad with me? I still take it with me. Nevermind that I couldn't remember all my price matches with them and my shopshop app.
I have, however, price matched milk without the ad - like if I'm running in after church and don't have my binder. They've never given me any greif.