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16 July 2011

Happy Birthday Big Daddy!

Tomorrow is Ronnie's birthday.  Unlike his big 4-0 last year, this years celebration will be a little more low key.  I'm planning on a date for just the two of us to see Transformers 3 and then dinner at CJ Maggies or the Aquarium.  My bet would be on the Aquarium - he loves their steaks and I love sitting in the "kissy booth".  On Sunday we're having family over after church for a cookout.  Since he rarely reads my blog, I'll let you know that I'm going to make this cake for him:

I'm only going to do one, since he has requested my ice cream cake too.  I just think this cake is going to be hysterical.  At least it will be for me.

Although he makes me crazy some days with those bees and his farm animals, I do love him madly.  He is a great husband, father and friend.  And he makes me laugh.

I couldn't ask for more.

So if you see him tomorrow, make sure to tell him Happy Birthday.

But don't call him Big Daddy....that's just for me.  ;)

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