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26 July 2011

How to: Make a layered slow cooker dinner.

I'm going to share one of my big time savers with you.  Today, I'm using it to make BBQ chicken and baked potatoes, but I've done it with pork chops and corn on the cob, steak and sweet potatoes, basically anything that I can make into layers.

Here's what you need:
A slow cooker
Frozen boneless skinless chicken breast
1 onion
BBQ sauce
2 shakes of liquid smoke
Salt & Pepper to taste
Potatoes (I'm using 5)
Aluminium foil.

Spray your crock with non stick cooking spray, just to make clean up easier. 
Cut onion into big slices and layer on bottom of crock.
Place frozen chicken on top of onions.
Combine BBQ sauce, liquid smoke and salt & pepper together.
Cover with BBQ sauce mixture.

Then, the time saver:
Roll scrubbed potatoes in aluminum foil, tightly.
Lay on top of BBQ chicken.

Cover and cook on low for 8-10 hours.

To serve, carefully take potatoes out of foil and put on plate, then serve chicken.  I cut the onion in big chunks because the boys don't care for them.  I just leave them in the bottom of the crock to add flavor while the chicken is cooking.

BBQ Chicken, baked potato with cottage cheese and sauteed zucchini.

Just add a can or corn, green beans or a salad.  Dinner's done.


As I've said before, it you're not comfortable cooking frozen chicken in the crock pot, don't do it.  I have done it for years and have never had a problem.  But that's just me. 

I'm linking up with Janelle over at Comfy in the Kitchen.


Rachel E. said...

One cool thing about blogging: I can learn new things. I never thought to bake my potatoes on TOP of my bbq chicken. It looks fabulous.

Charli said...

I do this all the time. When I worked full time, it was such a huge time saver for me.

Extraordinary Ordinary Life said...

I do this too - especially with my sticky chicken recipe but I also have two Crock pots so I will do a meal in one and baked potatoes in the other.
The chicken looks great! Came over from WLW.

Christina said...

Yum! That does look easy. Do you really leave the chicken frozen instead of thawing first? Can't wait to try it. Thanks!

Charli said...

I really do put the chicken in frozen. When I used to work full time outside the home, my chicken was always overcooked. I started putting it in frozen, and it was just right when I got home. I used to leave at 6am and get home at 4:30. It worked for me. I did frozen hot dogs with frozen hot dog sauce yesterday - all I had to do was add a bun after work. Easy.

Jeanne Cavrich Renshaw said...

Charli, working with you when you were single I would never have believed you would be such a super wife,Mother, cook and homemaker . I love your stories you amaze me, I always enjoyed working with you so much... lov ya Jeanne

Charli said...

Thanks Jeanne! I was a big hot mess when I was younger. I am daily thankful for God's grace. Love you too!

Maria said...

i'm so going to make this! i love crock pot recipes and yours seem so easy!!! Thanks! it was great finally meeting you yesterday!! :)

Charli said...

Maria, it was great to meet you too. Hope you like the recipe, we do.

alison harvey said...

i have done something very similar to this but with pork chops .. then foil wrapped whole potatoes then foil wrapped corn on the cob .. if i dont have corn on the cob i will just wrap frozen corn niblets in foil .. a whole meal in one crockpot