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20 July 2011

What works for me.

Everyone knows you should read to your children.  There are so many good benefits from reading aloud, even to older children.  It's really amazing the background information they can soak up from good books.  Given the fact that I love books, I obviously love going to the public library, right?  Umm...well....

Here's the thing.  I dread going to the library.  I dread finding parking.  I dread the walk downtown into the library trying to keep three little guys together.  I dread keeping them all together in the library....they have those wide doorways that lead to other rooms.  And rarely do we want to all look at the same book while we are there. 

Basically,  I end up stressed out and cranky.  Not exactly a great family outing.  I'm pretty sure it leaves a lot to be desired as far as showing my boys a love for reading.

My only choice to salvage the awful trip is bribery with bubble gum on the way home.

For a while I just sucked it up and went to the library with the boys and a bottle of Excedrin Migraine.  Next, I tried FSU's library, but had to wait until the weekend or breaks to find a parking space.  Then I tried story time at Barnes & Noble, but I didn't like driving up there (and I always spent money at Starbucks).

Then.....a wonderful thing happened.......

The Bookmobile came to our community building. 

That's right, every Thursday, Lynn the librarian and the Bookmobile come to my little area of the world.  There is easy parking, hardly any traffic and nice neighbors all sharing their love of free books.  

They have a great selection of books, magazines and audiobooks for kids and adults.  You can also rent movies for just $1 - including new releases (and unlike Redbox, keep them for two weeks for that same dollar). 

They go to many outlying areas in our county.  Click here to see when they'll be in your area. 

So now that you know when to go, and where to go - here's my favorite part. 

You can go to the MCPL website, log in with you library card and from there you can pick and choose whatever you would like to read.  You can request it from the site or save it in an online list to read or request later.  It's just like Amazon's wish list, but free.  (Do you see why I like it?).  The website also has a ton of new releases as e-books to check out.  And if your not going to be able to make it in time to return your books....just renew them online. 

I put all the read alouds that I want/need to read for school this year into a list and then I just request them when I'm ready.  I put my pick up as the Bookmobile and they come right to where I am (well, within a half mile). 

I also have a list of books I'd like to read and movies for our at home date nights.  I've cancelled my Netflix (since they sent me the nice email letting me know I could either cut my plan in half or pay almost double starting September 1st.)  I don't need you anymore Netflix.  I have the Bookmobile. 

I love the Bookmobile! 


Rachel E. said...

How wonderful to have a library on wheels. I too, dread the library with a bunch of kids, but they love it. Unfortunately, I live in Warsaw, Poland and there isn't a library. My kids beg to go to the CLO library at the embassy, but there isn't a very wide selection. I think we have more books at home!

Erica said...

I live 5 mins from the library but I think I would rather drive to the bookmobile just for the other conveniences. I signed Isaiah up for the summer reading program and it has been awful. Taking all 3 kids every week for story time is nuts. Eli just wants to run around and I'm carrying Aaliyah while chasing Eli through the library. I usually can't find parking and it takes 10 mins just to get us all unloaded and into the library. The only consolation is that Isaiah really enjoys it but I dread it every week. I think I may have to start finding a bookmobile instead!

Charli said...

We miss story time, but I figure the trade off for my sanity is well worth it most days.

BB said...

I hate the library at Fairmont also. I'm thinking about going to Bridgeport for their library. I go to a special library sale every Friday and buy books for 10 cents to 50 cents. I've gotten a whole car load for $8.00