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19 July 2011

Restaurant Review: CJ Maggies in Fairmont

Ronnie and I have gone to CJ Maggies in Buchannon quite a few times.  We really liked it and were looking forward to the opening of one in downtown Fairmont. 

After the movies on Saturday, we went there with the boys.  The atmosphere was just what we expected.  Eclectic decor, semi-private seating, music just loud enough that you can carry on a conversation and mask the sound of kids at the same time.  No complaints. 

We ordered brushetta as an appetizer.  It's one thing that the whole family likes.  It was a reasonable size with plenty for everyone.  While it had a good taste, it wasn't your typical brushetta.  It appeared to be diced tomatoes in a creamy Italian dressing with a sprinkling of basil, served along side some thin toasted bread topped with Parmesan cheese.  The boys loved it and ate most of it themselves.

The kids meals were reasonably priced with most being $3.95 and drinks being 0.99.  John & Josiah both chose cheese pizza,  Josh went with his usual exotic chicken strips.  The chicken strips were chicken strips.  Really, what can you say about that.  It's kind of a hard one to mess up. 
The pizza was great.  Crisp crust, nice tomato sauce, and cheesy.  The boys ate it all with no leftovers. 

I chose the chimichanga.  I used to love the chimi's at Cactus Jacks in Clarksburg years ago and thought I would give it a try here.  The actual chimi was good.  Crispy on the outside, lots of chicken inside.  Overall good flavor.  It was served with rice and beans, both of which left much to be desired.  The rice tasted like plain rice mixed with salsa and the beans were cold.  I won't choose this dish again.  I would go with a pasta or something from the wood oven. 

Ronnie chose a steak sandwich which was served on hearth bread with a side of thick crispy chips that I can't remember what they were called.  He thought it was fantastic, and this is coming from a steak sandwich connoisseur.  Everyone at the table tried the chips and enjoyed them.

All in all, it was a good meal.  We had great service and it was $44 for the five of us to eat with drinks and an appetizer.  That's not too bad. 

You can check out their menu here.

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