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05 August 2011

Grocery Deals this Week.

I've been a little quiet this week.  I'm still picking up extra days at work and we've had VBS every night.  Thankfully, Josiah has decided not to cry during his class.  All the boys are really having a great time. 

I actually left during last night's VBS and went to Shop & Save's 2 Day Sale.

Here's the stuff you need to go get:

Boneless skinless chicken breast 4/$20.
     This works out to $1.67 per pound. 

Lunch meat is on sale at the deli, I picked up honey ham, turkey breast and American cheese for $2.98 per pound. 
     I'll post some easy meal ideas with lunch meat tomorrow.

United Dairy Ice Cream 5/$10.  Perfect for ice cream cake.

Sugardale Bacon 4/$10.

White bread 10/$10.  I use this in the freezer as my back up bread to make sure we don't run out mid month.

Gallon White Vinegar  $1.88.  I use this for fabric softener and cleaning.

My two new realizations are:

The On Cor Entrees at 3/$5.  For only $1.67 each, I can pull together a last minute meal and hopefully avoid the drive thru.  Now, I'm sure these are not the best nutritionally, but they have to be the same or better than fast food.  I'm keeping some in the freezer for just this reason.

Also, they have pork loin for $1.88 per pound.  Most are sold by the 10 pound section, but the butcher will cut these to order for you.  That means you can have thick cut pork chops for only $1.88 per pound instead of $4.  I bought three.  Two as chops and one cut into fourths for loin.  I'll repackage them at home for the freezer. 

You can also price match United Dairy 1%, 2% and skim milk at WalMart thru Saturday at $2.99 from CVS.  Limit 2 gallons. 

For produce, I price matched plums at $0.79 per pound and seedless grapes at $0.99 per pound from Save a Lot. 

Remember, their policy is that you do not need to show the ad.  I even saw it on their commercial this week.

Alright.  Go save some money.

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