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19 August 2011

How (not) to clean your fridge.

I've mentioned before that I do the majority of my grocery shopping once monthly.  Of course I do have to stop from time to time to pick up something that I ran out of (usually milk, eggs and bread) or to take advantage of a great sale, but I get the bulk of my groceries at one time.

I usually clean out my fridge on trash night, but I forgot to this week.  When I got home from the store I had to do a quick clean before I could get everything put away.

Here's how I clean out my fridge, your results may vary (if your lucky).

1.  Pull your trash can close to the fridge.
2.  Start at the top and pitch anything past it's prime.
3.  Throw your food on the floor instead because you never move your trash can and apparently are so used to throwing it 18 inches across to the trash that you can't remember the can is right beside you.
4.  Pick up the food from the floor while fighting with the dogs to leave it alone.
5.  Put the dogs outside.
6.  Pick up the food (again).
7.  Finally put away your groceries.
8.  Mop the floor (because of steps 3-6).
9.  Take the not so fresh produce out to the rabbit.
10.  Realize that no one has watered the rabbit today.
11.  Go back in the house to water the rabbit.
12.  See yogurt on the freshly mopped floor.
13.  Track down the culprit.
14.  Time out for culprit.
15.  Mop the floor in front of the fridge.
16.  Realize you forgot to take the water back out to the rabbit.
17.  Pass dogs who are acting like it's 200 degrees outside and this brief time away from you may very well kill them.
18.  Let dogs back in.
19.  Finish putting away the other 27 bags of groceries.
20   Hear phone ringing and search everywhere for it.
21.  Offer gum to whoever can help you find the phone.
22.  Give up finding phone. If it's really that important, they'll call your cell.
23.  Decide to get a cup of coffee after finishing all this mess.
24.  Open fridge to get creamer and

  .....find phone!

And that's how I clean my fridge. 


Selena said...

I laughed the whole time I was reading this! Thanks for brightening my early-up-with-puppy morning! :)

kristycole said...

I find everything lost in the fridge!! So glad I am not the only one!! btw- dont think i can make it monday- looks like alot of fun though!! I really would love to can someday!

Anonymous said...

I LOVED this!!! I laughed and sympathized! It's a crazy life but I wouldn't have it any other way :)
Blessings to you today!
~Shannon (aka Captain Shannon!)

Rachel E. said...

Ah, yes, the amazing way we moms accomplish tasks. So, did you find your phone?

Charli said...

Glad you girls could enjoy my madness yesterday. And Rachel, my phone is tucked in there nicely...between the eggs and sour cream!