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01 August 2011

Menu Plan Monday for August 1st.

What!  Did that really say August 1st?  How can it be? 

I have had a frantic busy morning already today.  What little that has made in our garden exploded this weekend and I have been a canning maniac today.  I've finished the green beans, made sauce & peppers (like Oliverio's), put up more zucchini and broccoli and froze pepper & onions for fajitas. 

Whew!  No wonder I'm ready for a nap. 

I have one more bucket of peppers to work up before calling it a day.  If I have enough peaches, I'm going to suprise Ronnie with some fresh peach salsa.  It's incredible.

This week's menu is all about eating from our garden.  I mean, why would I go to the store when all these great veggies are overflowing here?

Once again, I'm working an extra day this week.  I'm trying to take the load off Ronnie a little so he doesn't feel the need to work over as much.  It's a lot easier for me to do it in an air conditioned hospital, than for him to work over in 120 degree heat inside the plant.

So here's this weeks menu:

Monday:  Chicken fajitas and fruit
Tuesday:  Cobb salad
Wednesday:  Foil tilipia, green beans, and potatoes
Thursday:  Grilled chicken, green beans and zucchini
Friday:  Pizza night.
Saturday:  Birthday party with friends/eating out.
Sunday:  Taco salads.

I'll post my taco salad recipe later this week.  It's easy and the kids love it.

We have a birthday party on Saturday for a great little guy.  Bonus:  Buzz Lightyear, Woody and Bullseye are going to be there. 

We also are going once again to VBS.  This time at my in-laws church,  First Church of the Nazarene.  They do a great VBS.  And this year, all my boys are old enough to go.

Now get out there and enjoy August!


Rachel E. said...

What do you use peach salsa on? I think it is great to have a bounty of veggies from your garden. I look forward to a day when I can do the same. Until then, my bounty will have to come in on the backs of some other farmer.

Charli said...

We eat it with tortilla chips, like regular salsa. It's soo good, sweet and a little spicy. I'll post the recipe later this week.