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29 August 2011

Menu Plan Monday for August 29th.

Oh my, the produce we bought at the auction.  I really thought that I was more reserved this year.  I mean, I don't have to do anything with the onions or potatoes but store them in the cellar, so it's just the peppers, corn and apples that need worked up. 

On the surface, this seems like no big deal.  But, really....35 dozen ears of corn is a lot of corn.  I'm really hoping we'll work through most of it today in canning class. 

Those of you who are interested, don't forget about canning class today.  It's moved to Trinity's kitchen.  My kitchen is just too small.  Also, the church has a giant stove that I think I can fit at least 3 pressure canners if not 4.  When your processing corn, the more canners the better!

We snuck out on all the veggies and took the boys to the Pittsburgh Zoo yesterday.  We didn't decide to go until afternoon, but it was perfect.  We arrived just as a big crowd of people were leaving around 3pm.  We spent the next 3 hours looking at the animals and playing at the kiddie area. 

We tried going to IKEA afterwards, but it was a dumb idea.  The kids were tired (and so were we), and I had zero patience with looking around that big warehouse listening to "Can we go yet/ I'm hungry/ I have to use the bathroom".  I finally told Ronnie to quit his complaining and we left.  OK, maybe it was the boys.  It really was a lot to ask out of them.  We did leave and I bribed them with Happy Meals and Megamind for the blissfully quiet ride home.

Ronnie is home with us on vacation this week, so I try to have three full meals planned all week.  I'm also still canning like a frontier woman, so I'm keeping it simple this week.  I'm also realistic enough to know there is a strong chance of eating out and that's OK. 

Here's what we're having:

Monday: Crock pot BBQ boneless ribs, corn on the cob, salad
Tuesday:  Cheeseburgers, corn on the cob, fries
Wednesday:  Broiled Tilipia, baked potatoes & green beans
Thursday:  .Grilled chicken salad, homemade bread sticks
Friday:  Wing night.
Saturday:  Dinner with family.
Sunday:  Leftovers.

I'm also looking for a good wing recipe that uses tomato sauce....like our local restaurant Wings Ole.  Ronnie loves their wings, but the last time I bought him a bucket it was almost $30.  Crazy!  I've got to figure it out on my own. 

If you have a good wings recipe let me know....especially if it's like Wings' recipe. 

I'm off to can! (Again).


Rachel E. said...

Your menu sounds mouth watering good as usual. And you are right, that is a lot of corn. If you salt the corn do you have to pressure can?

Charli said...

Unfortunately, yes. No matter what, you have to pressure can corn (for 90 minutes at 15 pounds of pressure). It takes forever...but it is good.

Jenna @ Newlyweds said...

Wow that really is alot of corn, hope you get it all done and with some help. Great menu too!