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30 August 2011

Words to pay attention to.

Monday we canned at the church...more to come on that subject later this week.  Today, I just want to give you a little laugh.

Mid morning, Josiah (age 3) runs in the kitchen yelling "I have to pee, but I can do it!" and runs across the fellowship hall into the men's bathroom.  Normally, I wouldn't let him use a public bathroom on his own, but no one else was at the church and he handles his bathroom business on his own at home.  No big deal, right?

Five minutes later, having not heard from him, I sent Josh in to check.  He came back with those dreadful words....."Josiah had an accident".

OK, still no big deal.  I have extra clothes in the van.  I grab the clothes and head into the men's bathroom.  (As a side note, men of Trinity, you are being a little short changed in the bathroom department.  The ladies have very nice couches and setting areas to socialize while we wash hands, apply face, that kind of thing.  Maybe you should have a  couch fundraiser.)

Anyway,  upon entering the bathroom, Josiah tells me that his accident involves a #1 and a #2.  Ugh.  As I change his clothes and pull down his pants I happily discover that the...umm...let's call it offensive object...is stuck to his bottom and not smeared in his clothes.  I go to set him on the toilet thinking that this is going to be easier than I expected. 

I step forward and place him on his throne.  At the same time, the offensive object falls off of him and onto the floor just as I step down.  I go slip sliding away all over the handicapped stall, grabbing onto the bars and praying this doesn't end as badly as I think it will.

I'll spare you the gory clean up details.  Suffice it to say, twenty minutes later we are both clean and dry.  I've cleaned the bathroom, scrubbed the floor and taken out the trash. 

I've also heard a play by play of what happened again and again from Josiah for the same twenty minutes.  He told everyone we saw yesterday about it.  Fantastic.

Does this kind of stuff happen to anyone else, or is it just me?


Rachel E. said...

Yea, a laugh indeed! Thanks. I'll have to post about a humorous bathroom experience that happened years ago.

Rachel E. said...

I never noticed the poll you were having...Just to add to it, we spend about $600 on food and necessities. I am actually working on being more frugal.

Charli said...

Weird things always happen in the bathroom. And thanks for adding to my poll.