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06 September 2011

Attack of the Umbrella.

A few months back, I picked up a new umbrella.  Actually, Josh picked it out for me.  He thought the bright colors might make working in the rain a little better for me. 

Today, I tried it out.

As I walked from my car to my first patient's home, I was completely dry under my giant, colorful umbrella.  Until, all of a sudden, Snap!   My umbrella completely closed on it's own and I was soaked in a matter of seconds. 

At my second house of the day, I held the umbrella a little more carefully and closely.  Just as I stepped onto the porch....Snap!   The umbrella not only closed unexpectedly, the black rods on the inside got completely stuck in my ponytail.  Completely.  Stuck. 

I have no doubt that seeing the nurse, who is coming to check on you and take your blood, twirling in a circle trying to get an umbrella out of her hair must be very comforting. 

I caught a view of myself in their mirror as I entered the house.  I was a cross between Alice Cooper and Don King.  Raccoon eyes and crazy hair.

So, how was your day?


Anonymous said...

I knew by the title (without even reading) that this post would be entertaining.....it didn't disappoint! Your adventures crack me up!


Charli said...

Thanks Shannon. Today was an adventure alright.

Rachel E. said...

I am so sorry to hear about your day. I would imagine it would be quite humorous when you look back, but never at the time. I would think the work you do speaks for itself.
Hope your next day is grand.

Charli said...

Thanks Rachel. Once I was dry again, I could laugh at myself. It was either laugh or cry!