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19 September 2011

Menu Plan Monday for September 19th

What a busy, crazy weekend.  Saturday was spent running all around town.  We started at St. Peters Fall Festival, visiting my Aunt Lynn, enjoying lunch and seeing some friends.  Then straight to the soccer field, where I once again consider it a success since no one laid down on the field.  Poor little John was so aggressive at one point trying to get the ball, he actually flipped over a kid.  When he landed, he just shook his head like "What the heck was that?" and then kept running.  Too funny!  

From there we went to the Harvest Fest at Trinity.  What a blast!  The kids came home with bags of candy, completely exhausted. 

I thought that would be the end of the night, but as I went in to get the boys to bed, Ronnie decided to check on his bees.  He came in about an hour later saying he had been stung. 

My supportive, sympathetic response...."Well, you are a beekeeper".  Ask me how bad I felt when his eye started swelling up over the next 15 minutes.  It continued to swell all through the night despite giving him Benadryl and Zantac and Predinsone.  By morning, both his eyes were swelled completely shut.  So of course, yesterday was spent getting medical attention.  He's doing much better today. 

We also were blessed with a new to us washer and dryer from our good friends.  It's so nice.  Stainless steel tub, super large capacity.  Swoon.  I'm in love. 

So here's this weeks plan:
Monday:  Honey Lime Tilapia, salad and corn
Tuesday:  A1 and Dijon steak, baked potatoes and broccoli
Wednesday:  Dinner at church
Thursday:  Taco night
Friday:  Party night:  Baked potato soup and Blooming onion bread
Saturday:  Pizza and salad
Sunday:  Leftovers

I just have to leave you with a picture of the Blooming onion bread I'm making for my 31 party on Friday.  It looks amazing.
Mouth watering, right? 

Have a great week!

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