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12 October 2011

Lacura product review

I've been an Aldi shopper for quite some time now.  I've always been impressed with the quality of their off brand products.  With the exception of their fake Oreos, everything we have tried is equal to brand name products.  I don't hold the Oreo's against them.   No one can get those wonderful chocolate cookies the same as the original.

I've been thinking about investing in a skin care regimen now that I'm the big 4-0.  I've used Mary Kay, Merle Norman and my usual - Clinique off and on for the past 20 years.  They've all worked fine.  Of course, they all have something else in common - a hefty price tag. 

So, I decided to try out Aldi's beauty brand, Lacura.  I read numerous online reviews and they were overwhelmingly positive.  The most common negative comment was about the floral smell of their cosmetics.

I purchased the following:

Hydrating facial cleanser for $2.49
Gentle toner for $2.49
Revitalizing eye gel for $3.49
Gentle lip care (3 pack) for $1.49
Exfoliating peeling gel for $2.49
Ultra firming mask for $2.49
Lipstick in Truffle and Cool Sand at $3.49 each
Eyeshadow duo in Lilac lady and Velvet rose at $3.49 each
Foundation in Translucent at $3.49
Powder in Translucent at $3.49

My total cost for everything listed above was $35.88. 
Compare that to my usual $22.00 for foundation alone at Clinique.
Impressive price, but how does it work?

Here's what I think.

The cleanser and toner are nice, cleanses well with no dryness.
I'm using the exfoliating gel twice weekly and the eye cream nightly.  I've tried the firming mask once and my skin did appear firmer after using it.

I've bought the lip care/chapstick before - we used them all last winter with great results.  I bought a regular 3 pack for the boys and a tinted 3 pack for myself.  It's just a hint of pink to make you natural lip seem a little more polished.  And it feels creamy but still nice and light. 

As far as the makeup is concerned,  I love it!  The foundation has great coverage, the powder has a natural finish.  The lipstick goes on smoothly and while it doesn't have all day staying power, for the price, it's a keeper.  There is a very faint scent with the powder.  I wouldn't call it floral but it is a nice clean scent.  It's much less noticeable than Cover Girls scent.

The eyeshadow colors are very nice, no caking when applied.  My favorite is the Velvet Rose duo.  Very natural with just a hint of color. 

They also have mascara and blush, but I didn't need any at the time. 

Overall, I'm very satisfied. 

Click here for Aldi's website with more information.


Angie @ www.ourjoyfulliving.com said...

Thank you so much for this review it is always nice to read real reviews from real people who are honest and not getting paid for their review. I will have to look at it the next time I get there. I like Aldi for fresh fruits and veggies but don't get there very often. We have some Mennonite and Amish type stores in my area that I shop at more often. I know what you mean about the price I too love clinique products but have not bought any in a long time due to the price. THanks again. Come visit me www.ourjoyfulliving.com

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review. These products are on sale this week and I was wondering about them. I think I'll try them.