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14 November 2011

Menu Plan Monday for November 14th.

Our first week of E-Mealz was really good.  All the recipes were easy to make and not very time consuming. 

This week's plan had at least one meal that I knew wouldn't be a hit with my guys.  Ronnie is not big on soup for dinner, and this weeks plan calls for a potato shrimp stew.  Truthfully, after reading the recipe, I don't think I'd care for it either.  I'm swapping that one out for pizza night.  There's one more recipe for busy day casserole that I'm willing to try, but I'm not so sure about.

Here's this weeks plan:

Monday:  Chicken spaghetti with Italian salad
Tuesday:  Loaded baked potatoes, salad
Wednesday:  Pot roast with potatoes and carrots
Thursday:  Cheeseburger meatloaf, roasted potato wedges & green beans
Friday:  Chicken sandwich thins with spinach salad
Saturday:  Pizza night
Sunday:  Busy day casserole or leftovers

I'm working two days this week, so I'm planning on Tuesday & Wednesday's dinners cooking in the crock pot. 

For all you Black Friday shoppers, Kohl's has my favorite crock pot at an insane price on Black Friday.  It's the 6 qt programmable crock pot for only $9.99.  Mine broke after 7 years of hard use.  I love that you can program it to cook on high or low for whatever amount of time you choose and when time's up, it will automatically switch to keep warm.  I used it all the time when I worked at UHC. 

Have a great week!

1 comment:

Robin said...

Thanks for sharing your menu plan. It's always inspiring to read about what other families are eating. Have a yummy week!