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15 November 2011

Past vs. Future

When I first saw this on Pinterest, it immediately took me back close to 13 years ago.

You see, I grew up in the same church I attend now.  But, unfortunately, I took a decade long sabbatical - so to speak.  Not only did I not attend my church, I completely walked away from God.  I would boldly proclaim that I was an agnostic, I had a mouth that could make a trucker blush and, well, to keep it polite - let's just say I was lacking when it came to morals. 

My life today is truly a an example of God's mercy & grace. 

So, back to my little sign here.  About the same time I came back to the Lord, I also moved and changed jobs to another local hospital.  It was actually nice to be able to meet people who didn't know the old, loud and crass me. 

Until that day.  I was working in the ER, and had been working there for a few weeks, when someone who knew me before was working that shift as well.  I really didn't think anything of it.  I just was chugging along, doing my thing.

And as I rounded the corner to the nurses station, I overheard this person letting everyone there know how I really was.  What I was really like.  Things I had done. 

I stood there for what seemed like an eternity, horrified at what was being said.  And praying for the right words, I stepped into the conversation.  Letting everyone there know that what was being said.... was all true.

But here's the great thing.  I was able to tell everyone there what Jesus had done for me.  I was able to let them know that He loves me despite my past.  And not just me, but all of us who sin - that His grace is there for us each and every day.  That kind of opportunity doesn't come along often - especially at work.

We each have a past.  And while it's nothing to revel in, it's also nothing to hide.

Every saint does have a past.  Every sinner does have a future. 

Thanks to the overwhelming love and grace of Jesus.

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