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07 November 2011

Menu Plan Monday for November 7th.

I'm trying something new over the next few months. 

I've said many times before how much money we save by planning our menu, and it's absolutely true.

But lately I feel like I have too many irons in the fire.  I'm trying to simplify whenever I can.  A few less commitments.  More family time and less busyness. 

So, I signed up for E-mealz.  I know it's not going to save me hours of time, but it is very simple and one less thing I have to do.  For $1.25 a week, I have 7 meals set up for me weekly.  You can pick your store and diet type (regular, low fat, vegetarian, or gluten free).  They put up the menu on the assigned day and also group your shopping list by area of the store.  Dairy, produce, meats, ect.  They also list the price.

I choose WalMart and regular diet.  I wanted to do low fat, but there's not much beef on it (and you know I have the cow in the freezer).  They do have my favorite Aldi's as a choice, but it's not worth the gas to drive up there weekly.  I can go to WalMart on Friday's after homeschool co-op.

They estimated my weekly costs to be $89 this week.  No way.  With my stock ups and sales in my pantry, I bought everything for all the dinners for under $40. 

So, what are we eating this week?  Well, here you go.

Monday:  Cheesy tortellini casserole with lettuce wedges
Tuesday:   Italian beef with salad and garlic bread
Wednesday:  Beef & gravy over buttered noodles, greenbeans, cinnamon sugar apples
Thursday:  Garlic catfish over pasta with steamed broccoli
Friday:  French BLT's with chips and sliced peaches
Saturday:  Pork loin with cranberry sauce, rice and peas
Sunday:  Italian chicken with portabella,  cauliflower and corn.

All the recipes are included and very easy.  Nothing is time consuming.

If you're interested in trying it out, you can click the link on the side of my blog.  Yes, I do earn a little for referrals, but the opinions in this post are all mine. 

Also, I found a code at Retail Me Not.  Enter "Dave" under coupon code to save an additional $2.50 for the first three months. 

I'll let you know how it goes this week.


Tracey said...

I decided to sign up for the Aldi's menu. I figured that eventually I will be going there for this stuff so why not make sure I have a menu that works with that store. Since I changed today from the Walmart menu, I now have 2 new menus that are completely different from the last ones. And you can change stores one time during your subscription.

Charli said...

I'm planning on stocking up at Aldi's monthly like I do now. The e-mealz menu plan's I've seen (Mine & Selena's), didn't really have anything that usual in them. The ingredients can be found anywhere. We'll see how it goes.

Erica said...

I did emealz for awhile. I did the vegetarian plan but found that my family wouldn't eat most of it unfortunately. I really liked it though. I've been thinking about signing up again and trying the WalMart plan. I like the menu so what I seen on your meal plan for the week. I think my family would eat most of it.