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08 November 2011

Saving you some Christmas cash.

It's almost here.  Have you started your shopping yet? 

I'm on the downhill slide of my shopping.  I thought I'd share some good bargains that are going on now.

Old Navy - in store or online you can get 30% off your order.  Enter the code ONFRIENDS at checkout.  You can also get free shipping on orders over $50 (after coupon code & before taxes.)  This ends today, so hurry. 

Ollie's - This is my first year of shopping at Ollie's.  They just opened this spring in Bridgeport.  If you sign up for the Ollie's Army (for free), you can get 15% off your total order through Nov. 20th.  I got a good bit of toys here for a great price, as well as two much wanted electric blankets for $23.70 each after discount.  Not to bad.  They're having an Ollie's Army only shopping event in December where you can take 25% off all toys as well as other offers that they're not disclosing yet. 

Toy's R Us -  TRU is doing a much better job on prices this year.  I usually buy a lot of my toys from Amazon.com, but TRU has beat their prices on most of the items I've needed. Don't forget that if they're out of stock, you can price match at Walmart.

Kohl's and JCP Black Friday ads are already up at black-friday.net.  JCP's ad is good on Thanksgiving as well.

Gabriel Brothers is open Thanksgiving this year with some big sales planned.  As a rule, I don't shop on holidays....I don't think it's fair to the employees.  But, the nice boy ringing up my purchases this week told me that Gabes is paying them time and a half to work until 1pm on Thanksgiving.  He said most people actually signed up to work that day.  That makes me feel a little better about it. 

I'm excited to go out on Black Friday without absolutely needing something.  I usually use the day to stock up on birthday gifts for all the nieces & nephews, as well as friends parties we get invited to.  Also, my mom & I shopping on black friday are almost better than the Steelers steel curtain.  Good luck getting through us. 

One last thing -  if you're ordering online always check for discount codes.  I have had good luck at retailmenot.com.  Why pay more than you have to? 

That's all the Christmas shopping wisdom I have to share for today. 

Now, get out there and get it done, so you can actually enjoy the Christmas season!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thanks Charlie for the great ideas... I have not even started or considered starting. The Ollie's deal is really great, I did it last year and really saved a bunch of money on toys for the boys. See you Friday, Tammy <3