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11 January 2012

Let me tell you how I really feel about that.....

Those of you with me from the beginning of my blogging escapades all those many months ago will remember Ronnie's foray into the wonderful world of beekeeping

Ronnie has forged ahead with his new hobby, even joining the Marion County Beekeepers Association.  For the bargain price of $12, you can not only be an official member of this local group, you are also a member of the state beekeeping hullabaloo.

We  He received his newsletter in the mail today listing all the various classes and (wait for it) bee expos going on in the state. 

He's very excited for the six week course being offered locally.  He's looking forward to learning ways to get more honey from his hives.

I pointed out that the class I'm planning to teach is missing.

What class is that, you ask?

Aqua Net & a lighter :  A beginner's guide to getting your hunny out of his hives.

I think it's a winner.

Please don't think I'm being disrespectful.  Ronnie knows I have no love for the bees, but lots and lots of love for him....and so I put up with the bees.


SchneiderPeeps said...

My son is getting bees soon and is so excited! I actually like bees too, so I think it will be fun. I need to see about a local group for him to join.

Thanks for asking about the reuseable lids on my blog post, so far I love them. I got a sample from the company and have used them several times. I was a little concerned that the rubber seal might melt in the canner but it did great.

I love your rework of the workbox system!

Rachel E. said...

Bees! Wow! You definitely are brave. I am not afraid of bees, but I'll admit I never considered raising them.

Charli said...

Suprisingly enough, even though the hives are in the back of our yard, we really don't notice a lot bees....unless I try to mow near the hives. The sound of the mower that close really makes them mad.

Rachel E. said...

Yeah, I would imagine that would make them mad. Do you need a permit to keep bees? What do you keep bees for?

Charli said...

No, no permit is needed, but the beekeepers association likes you to list your hives so they know how the bee population is doing. Actually, the honey bee population is on a serious decline b/c of all the chemicals sprayed. No honey bees = no pollination = no growing plants of any kind. Ronnie's doing it to help do his part. He's wanted to do it for quite a few years. He and a friend of his from work both started last year, and the local association was so excited to have "young" people involved. Some of them even sent cards to our house. They are actually a really nice group of people. Ronnie also says that we'll have home grown honey this year.