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13 January 2012

Rules from the tent.

My Mom bought Josiah a tent with a tunnel attached to it for Christmas this year.  The boys decided that this snowy day would be the perfect day for the tent to go up.
At last check, all three boys were in the tent with one beanbag, one spywatch, one book, one blanket and half a dozen Rescue Heros. 

My favorite part of the tent so far has been the "rules"  I've been overhearing.

Somehow, even though this is their own little project that I haven't been involved in, it seems I've been making a lot of tent rules.

"Mom said no dogs in the tent"

"Mom said no Toy Story in the tent, only Superheros."

"Mom said only two people in the tent at a time!" 
         OK, I did intervene on this one.  Everyone gets to go in the tent.

and my absolute favorite rule of all....

"Mom said no farting in the tent!"

So, how's your snow day going?


Kathleen Guire said...

Sounds like great fun! I love the rules.

Rachel E. said...

You have to laugh don't you? I think it's funny how they like to make up their own rules thinking we aren't listening.