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12 January 2012

Week 2 of the Pantry challenge complete!

So, does it make me a big goon because I'm enjoying this challenge? 

I really like looking in my pantry and freezers and trying to come up with not only ideas of what I can make, but also what's the least amount of groceries I can buy. 

And let me tell you - this has been the perfect month for it! 

Between Ronnie & I both taking a day off work over the holidays, then unexpectedly losing one renter in our apartment (where my grocery money comes from) and an amazing amount of people not paying their rent this month with our storage units & mobile home park.....I needed to spend the least amount of money possible!  Oh, and don't forget the hot water tank that started off my new year by spewing water all over the kitchen. 

The key to remember, in all of this mess, is that this is why we try to live frugally and on a cash basis.  So yes, I may have spent this month "robbing Peter to pay Paul", but at least I had a back up to rob.  We paid cash for our hot water tank.  We have a nice little stock pile of food from taking the time to stock up with sales & coupons.  We have sweat equity involved in our cellar of canned goods and freezer full of beef.  And thank God that we are paid ahead on our rental mortgage until March.

So while the coffers are a little empty right now, I'm thankful.

Thankful that we don't live a financed life anymore. 

Thankful that Ronnie pushed me to take those "boring" Larry Burkett budgeting classes, oh so many years ago, when we were both working full time at good jobs with no kids. 

Thankful that I have a husband who plans for our future (even if some of his schemes scare the pants right off me - like the first year we raised a cow).

Thankful that God always provides what we need.  This month, we were both provided with opportunities to earn extra at work - Ronnie with overtime and myself with taking call. 

Now, back to business:

Week 2 of the pantry challenge has gone great. 

Breakfasts have been a rotation of oatmeal, coco wheats or eggs in some form.

Lunches have been a lot of leftovers and sandwiches, as well as using up some frozen things - nuggets, corn dogs, even hot dogs with sauce that I froze on Labor Day. 

You can check out our dinners here, but it's all been very good and no one has complained. 

My only negative is that I think Ronnie is getting spoiled.  He likes to have a little something sweet each evening before bed.  I've been making more homemade goodies instead of his usual Oreo or Nutty Buddy and I think I may be creating a monster. 

I will have to admit to you that my Mom really can't handle me not buying groceries when I take her to the store on the weekend.  She ended up buying the boys donuts, drinkable yogurt, and a movie last Saturday.  And surprisingly enough, even though I had 4 gallons of milk in the fridge and another 2 in the freezer, she bought me a gallon of milk and a new coconut creamer for my coffee because "I don't want you to run out".  Too funny!

This week, I really don't need very much.

I'm going to price match at Walmart again to save gas from driving out of town.  Here's the plan:

2 gallons of Milk - price match with CVS @ $2.99 a gallon
1 bunch of bananas - price match with KMart @ $0.39/#
2 loaves of bread.

That's it.  I don't need anything else and I can't think of anything I have coupons for that are matching up with sales.  At least nothing I really need. 

I'll definitely hit my $50 goal this week.  And make up for last week's $13 overage (and check out line debate).

Two weeks down, two to go....

1 comment:

Lynn Gardner said...

You're only a goon if I'm a goon, too! I'm loving eyeballing my kitchen, thinking of ways to combine ingredients to make yummy meals without hitting the grocery store.