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20 January 2012

Storage Wars: Here's the facts.

Photo source: Pinterest

Ronnie & I have rental units.  A set of apartments, a mobile home park and storage units.  He was building the park when we were first dating, so you can say that we've been in the storage business for a little over eleven years.

From time to time, and more often than you can imagine, people will just stop paying for their units.  After so many attempts to reach them without response, WV law requires you to place an ad in the legal section of the paper listing their eviction if not paid within seven days.  If there's still no response, we proceed with the eviction. 

We've done this before with very little interest from anyone.  Ever.  At all.  Until now.

I'm blaming A&E's show Storage Wars. 

We placed an ad in the paper last weekend for two nonpaying units.  For reasons unknown to me, Ronnie put our home phone number in as the contact number instead of the business line that he keeps with him. 

I don't think it was an accident. 

Our phone blew up with calls.  Apparently, everyone and his brother must watch this show.  Not only do they watch it, they must believe that it's real and that they are going to find bars of gold and unicorns in our storage units.  That could only be the reason for all...those..calls!

So, while I have no idea what goes on in California storage, where the show is held, let me tell you what we usually find in unclaimed/unpaid storage units here in North Central WV.

1.  Boxes and bags full of unpaid bills. 
2.  Dirty baby strollers/beds/pack & plays.
3.  An amazing abundance Christmas decorations.
4.  Clothing.   Mostly from the 80's.  In either size 4 or size 44. 
5.  Dishes.  Lots & lots of dishes.  Mostly chipped.

Ronnie & I have watched "Storage Wars" before and I can see the why people like it.  I mean, it's a modern day treasure hunt.  It's fun.

Just don't call me at 10pm and ask "Hey, is you guys gonna have a thing like Storage Wars?  I seen your ad in the paper.  Can I come over?".  Trust me.  You won't like my response. 

And yes, we really did receive that call.


Selena said...

No gold bars or unicorns? Aw, shucks...I guess I won't come over then. Honestly, you made me laugh out loud with that one. Funny girl.

Tara Fancher said...

seriously just lol'd!!!

Kim K said...


Rachel E. said...

oh, so sorry about that. That's when you answer the phone in a foreign language. :-)

Charli said...

Ha! I told Ronnie I'm going to yell like that at the Amish auction next Summer. He didn't think it was near as funny as I did.