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21 January 2012

Eat from the Pantry Challenge: Shopping Update.

Well, I got the shopping bug out of my system on Thursday.  I'm going to be totally honest with you and let you know I am straight out bragging in this post. 

I ran a ton of errands on Thursday with the boys.  This would usually consist of lots of money spent on both stuff and a trip to the drive thru.

Not this time.

We started out at The Shoe Story in Bridgeport where we used the $50 gift cards they each received from Aunt Lynn to buy new shoes.  Surprise, surprise.  Everyone's foot had grown! 
We picked out three pairs of shoes (and yes, they all picked the same shoe) for a grand total of $127.   Insert happy dance here.  We actually have a little bit of a balance left over. 

Then we ate our packed lunches in the van and proceeded to Aldi's. 

I love Aldi's.  Seriously.  I do. 

Here's what I picked up:
Dishwasher gel
Juice boxes
2 Spaghetti sauces
Parmesan cheese
Paper towels
10 packs of Moo Tubes (like GoGurt)
Apple juice
Cereal (OK, this was a bribery item for good behavior)
3 gallons of milk
1 tub of oatmeal
2 loaves of Italian bread
Grand total:  $33.98

Do you see why I love that store?

We then went to the radio station to pick up a gift card.  I won a $10 gift card to BW3 by singing random 80's foolishness on the radio last week.  As a bonus, the nice lady there gave us an impromptu field trip of how a radio station works.

So here's a picture of everything I picked up on Thursday:

For a mere $33 out of my pocket. 



Rachel E. said...

A job well done. Where do you live? My parents have an Aldi's in KY where they live, that's why I ask.

Charli said...

We live in West Virginia, I shop at the Aldi's in Clarksburg. It's about a 30 minute drive for me.

Harriet said...

Enjoyed reading your post. Although my kids are older, we seem to have common interests. Keep up the good posts!

Charli said...

Thanks for stopping by!