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29 February 2012

Eating Local.....Noteworthy Sweets

Last week, the girls at work & I checked out Noteworthy Sweets in Downtown Fairmont.

One word.......Delish.

I had the special.  It's what I usually order when I check out someplace new.  I figure they must think they do a good job on this dish if they're willing to make it their special.

I had a roasted chicken sandwich with lettuce, tomato, mixed greens, avocado, cheese and homemade ranch dressing. 
Kerry, my lovely sandwich/hand model.
Did I forget to mention that it was on a homemade multigrain bun?  Mmmmm...

It also came with you choice of homemade soup.  I chose tomato.  It was homemade, as in "I pulverized tomatoes to make this soup" homemade.  The other girls had potato and vegetable.  I heard no complaints.  Actually, I hardly heard anything at all.  We were all to busy chowing down. 

We finished off our meal with chocolate bombs.

It's pretty much what it sounds like.  An over abundance of chocolate. 
Thankfully it was just a mini cupcake or we may have ended up with a couple of diabetic comas.

The prices were very good for the amount of food you get.  And really, can you beat homemade deliciousness?  I don't think so.

Thanks Noteworthy Sweets! 

We'll be back.


Maria said...

mmmmm, i will have to check it out! what are their hours like? A lot of businesses downtown close early.

Jennifer said...

A friend and I eat there once a week. I have liked every special I have tried. If I am not sure I would like the special, I just get soup and a roll. There bread is so good, I could just eat it and be content. The portions are always substantial too.

Rachel E. said...

Wow! That stuff looks delicious! I want to go there...Save me some next time.

Charli said...

They're open 10-6 M-F and 10-2 on Saturday. Closed on Sunday. They have about 4 little tables in there to sit and eat.

Charli said...

Once a week, lucky girl! I agree, the homemade bun was incredible.