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27 February 2012

Menu Plan Monday for February 27th.

Dreadfully, dreadfully sick. 

That’s how I’ve felt since Saturday.

Thankfully, Ronnie really stepped up to the plate yesterday and took care of the boys &

Today, I'm going to fill myself up with Sudafed and coffee, throw a turkey breast in the crock pot for dinner and take the boys to the dentist.  I'm not even too sure I can pull that off.

Here's this weeks plan:
Monday:  Turkey, smashed potatoes and carrots
Tuesday:  BBQ chicken, cheesy potatoes and corn.
Wednesday:  Steak, cheesy cauliflower pancakes and salad.
Thursday: Pizza night
Friday:  Turkey lasagna, salad
Saturday:  Soup beans and cornbread
Sunday:  Leftovers.

Say a prayer I make it through this day.


Rachel E. said...

Get Well soon...Sorry you are sick.

Maria said...

feel better!!!! I must say you are getting a LOT accomplished when you are sick.I don't always get that much done when I am well! :)