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20 February 2012

Menu Plan Monday for February 19th.

I have been crazy busy this weekend with working on call.  Apparently, everyone in North Central West Virginia wants to see a nurse.  Can't blame them...nurses are awesome. 

I'm keeping MPM short and sweet this week. 

Here's my plan:

Monday:  Spaghetti, salad & garlic bread

Tuesday:  French toast, fruit and OJ

Wednesday:  Eating at church fundraiser.

Thursday:  Taco night.

Friday:  Pork BBQ sandwiches with Dr. Pepper BBQ sauce and corn.

Saturday:  Birthday dinner for my Mom at Olive Garden.

Sunday:  Leftovers

I'm still trying to use up more ground beef.  I took a big batch to the church for the annual chili cook off, but then I got called out to work.  I don't really know who won the cook off, but in my mind it was me.  My chili rocked.

Tonight, I'm heading out to see "The Color Purple" with my dear friend Leah.  We used to work together and now that I'm more hippie momma than nurse, we hardly ever get spend time together.  I can't wait!

If you have an extra minute today, check out the new blog I've been working on for the Women's Ministry at our church:  Woven Ministries

And as always, for more menu planning ideas be sure to check out orgjunkie.com.


Maria said...

I bet your chili recipe is awesome!! I may need to get that from you! :) We are big chili eaters lately and mine is kinda bland. French Toast! Ahhh, how I miss that! I can't wait til I'm able to eat more carbs....mmmmm, your blog tempts me for yummy goodness that comes from bread and syrup! :)

Rachel E. said...

I love bbq pork. I will have to try the sauce recipe.

Charli said...

Maria, I love my chili recipe. It tastes a lot like Wendy's chili (and I love me some Wendy's chili). I'll have to post it or bring you a copy. And French toast is on the menu b/c I found french bread marked down at Walmart on my way home from work yesterday.

Charli said...

Rachel, I'll let you know how it turns out. I've been wanting to make it for a while, but Ron is the only one who drinks soda. It seemed like a waste to buy. This weekend, we were at a birthday party and I picked up some Dr. Pepper as they were giving away leftovers to everyone. I'm going to try to mix it up on Wednesday.