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09 February 2012

Shop N Save Two Day Sale

Sorry for the double post today, but I just saw the ad for Shop n Save's Two Day Sale. 
Here's what I'm picking up today:

Iceberg lettuce $0.88
Tomatoes $0.88/#
B/S Frozen chicken breast 5/$20 
     This works out to $1.33/#
1# butter $1.99
Sugardale bacon 4/$10
Boneless pork chops $1.88/#

I'll do a bit of a meat stock up today.  I try not to buy meat unless it's under $2 per pound. 
I'll plan on getting at least 5 bags of chicken and 10 pounds of the pork chops. 

You can check out the full ad here.


Anonymous said...

Is their chicken usually good? I buy ours at Kroger most of the time.

Charli said...

I always rinse it before I use it, but I do that to all the frozen chicken. It has a huge amount of sodium in the glazing. It's usually fine chicken, but they do sometimes switch to a brand in a red bag that has a lot of fatty pieces that you have to cut out. If it's the blue bag as advertised, it usually fine.