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08 March 2012

Cash saving time.

Here's a list of things I need to tell you about today (whether you want to know or not)

1.  Shop & Save 2 Day Sale started today.
  • Fresh Express salad bags  $0.59 each
  • Butter $1.88
  • Bacon 5/$10
  • Cream Cheese 10/$10
  • Pasta 10/$10
  • Pierogies 4/$5
  • Ragu 10/$10
  • Chicken 3# bags 5/$20
  • Cabbage $0.19/#
2.  Save a Lot has whole roasting chickens for $0.89/# and little cans of Pillsbury
     biscuits (6 count) 2/$1.  Also, small cans of Maxwell House Wake Up Roast
     (11.5 oz) are $1.99.  That works out to about $0.17/ounce compared to the new
     normal prices I've seen lately of $0.27/oz.  Just depends on how picky you are about
     your coffee. 

3.  Free Redbox rental code THANKS2U, good for today only.

4.  CVS still has United Dairy 1%, 2% or skim milk at $2.99 each - limit 2.  Price
     match this at Walmart.

Keep in mind:
Butter & milk both freeze. 
Cabbage can be used as cabbage rolls, fried cabbage and coleslaw, as well as soups.
Regular coffee can be made to taste better or less bitter by sprinkling a little cinnamon in the grounds before you brew. 
And finally, the free Redbox rental is only a freebie if you remember to return it on Friday. 

Alright, now go save some cash.


Selena said...

Thanks for posting this, Charli.

Barb said...

Thanks for making me smile. You are such a great example of a good wife. The things you write shows you go the extra mile so your family can be taken care of.