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28 March 2012

The dumbest or smartest thing I may ever tell you.

I really can't decide.  

Am I stating the obvious today?.  Well, obvious to everyone except for me?

I was reading over at Mom on a Mission and found a post on how to boil eggs.  Really?  Is that actually blog worthy?  I mean, who can't boil an egg. 

I can boil an egg.  It's peeling them that makes me go nutso.  I hate peeling eggs - fighting to get it out of the shell without taking a giant chunk out of the egg white.  Ugh.

I bought 5 dozen eggs last week at $0.79 a dozen (Thanks Aldi's).  I thought a little egg salad for lunches this week might be nice.  Then I ran across this idea. 

This oh so smart idea.

Here's what you do:

Fill your pot with water and throw in a little salt.  Turn the heat up to high.
Add your eggs and make sure they're covered with water.
When the pot comes to a rolling boil, cover it and turn off the heat.
Time it for 15 minutes.
After 15 minutes, drain the water and cover the eggs with a large amount of ice and water.  (The water should be ice cold when you touch it, if not add more ice).
Wait another 15 minutes.
Drain the eggs - and here comes the fun part - cover with the lid again.
Then, play bumper cars with your eggs.  Shake that pot back and forth until your eggs are all cracked.

About half of my eggs came out of the peel on their own, the other half were easy to slip off under a little water from the sink.  I only had one egg out of the dozen that gave me any grief to peel. 

Genius or moron.  It 's your decision.


Rachel E. said...

Nah! I read a little while ago that if you add baking soda to your water the eggs peel easily. I forgot what I was supposed to add and put in vinegar. They all peeled easily. That's a bit of genius AND moron for you!

Charli said...

Awesome. That sounds like something I would do.

Do Not Disturb Blog said...

Well, it wouldn't work very well around here. See, we don't abide by the unwritten rule that you can only dye eggs at Easter so getting the shells off in that way just wouldn't work for us. I have always been told the fresher the eggs the harder they are to peel so I always use my oldest eggs for hard boiling.


Barb said...

That's too much work. I have always boiled my eggs with water and lots of salt then just add cold water and peel. I found if you crack the egg once and not in little pieces and peel with the side of your thumb it works better. Cracking them in small pieces makes it worse. They also say the older an egg is that it will peel easier. I have never tried the baking soda or the vinegar. Maybe it's worth a try.

Barb said...

The egg only takes 10 minutes to cook for hard boiled and 3 minutes for soft boiled.