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12 March 2012

Menu Plan Monday for March 12th.

I woke up this morning with the best of intentions....until Daylight Savings Time reminded my that despite what that clock says, it's really only 4:30 am.  Luckily one of the boys woke up and asked me to lay down with them.  What could I do?  Ahh.. the things we do for our kids.

Round two of being awake today, and that rotten Jessica over at Life as Mom had the nerve to post this link on FB:  http://homeschoolingryangosling.tumblr.com/
Goodbye productivity!

I have sat here trying not to laugh and wake the boys!

Here's my favorite:

 Well, sure.   When Ryan Gosling says it, it does make total sense.

On to the reason for today's post.  That's right!  It's once again Menu Plan Monday.

I'm sure you secretly think I post this for you, but really, I have to log on to my own blog by at least Wednesday on a regular basis because I've lost my Menu plan sheet. 
Every.  Single.  Week.

So without further ado, here you go:

Monday:  Baked parm. chicken, fried cabbage & roasted potatoes
Tuesday:  Cabbage rolls & mashed potatoes
Wednesday:  Spaghetti, salad & garlic bread
Thursday:  87th Birthday dinner with Nan @ Pokey Dot
Friday:  Meatloaf, mashed potatoes & carrots
Saturday:  Breakfast for dinner
Sunday:  Cheeseburgers,baked potato wedges and peaches.

I know, I'm going heavy on the potatoes.  I still have over 200 pounds to finish in the cellar.  As for the cabbage, it was on sale at Shop & Save this week for $0.19/pound.  We like cabbage.  I'll probably make extra tonight to serve over cornbread for lunch this week.

I'm also going to try to make strawberry fruit leather today.  Of course, I found the recipe on Pinterest.  Check back later this week and I'll let you know how it worked,as well as share my chicken recipe I'm making today.  It's simple and delish. 

Don't forget to hop on over to Org. Junkie to see other menu ideas.

Alright.  Time to be productive.  Well, maybe one more...
If I only had a dollar for every time I've heard this....


Tracey said...

Ryan Gosling makes every sound sensible.

Charli said...

Those crazy things have cracked me up today.

Charli said...

BTW, the strawberry fruit leather was a disasterous mess.