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20 April 2012

31 days: Week 1 Mary challenges.

I like that this challenge has both a physical and spiritual aspect to it.

Last year, I only attacked the Martha challenges.  This year, I'm going full force at the whole thing.

This week's Mary challenges were:

1. Make a mission statement.
2. What can you do today to bring life to your home and your sphere of influence?
3. Ask your family what makes them feel loved...and then do it.
4. Invite a friend over and enjoy their company. Make them feel welcome.

My mission statement was actually the hardest part. I know this sounds bizarre, but I'm not a "writer" kind of person. Blogging is totally different for me - it's more like chatting with a friend. Writing makes me think I need to dress in black with some glasses and a very serious attitude.   Intense.

Here's what I finally came up with:

I want a clean home:
to instill good habits in my children
to give my husband a relaxing place to come home to
to show hospitality to others
to give me time to pursue things I would like to do.
My goal is to have a peaceful home, not necessarily a perfect one.

Days 2 & 3 are actually things I've thought of before. 
I really do set the tone of our home.  My friend Robin used to have a little sign that said "If momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy".  Funny, but not really.  When I'm cranky and short with everyone, it all goes downhill quickly. 
I can bring life to my home by controlling my emotions.  Keeping my frustration...and yes, even anger, in check.  I am the key to bringing life into my home. 

As far as making my family feel loved, I know this one.  I've actually been working on this one since last year.  My husband feels loved when I make an effort to help him, especially with the business.  Do I have tons of extra time to take on all the work of running the rentals?  Umm...NO!  But I did it because I knew he needed me to help.  I am blessed every time he tells me how much he loves us working as a team.  That extra hour each day that I spend balancing the books, sending out bills and late notices and making his schedule of repairs makes him feel loved.  That is something I do have time for.
My kids are all about spending time together.  Reading a book, pushing them on the swing, "snuggle buggle" under the blankets in the morning.... ahhh.....that's the good stuff.

I actually started my week off by having Tracey from Building My House over for coffee and chit chat.  Poor girl, she didn't get to enjoy the "after" part.  She had to come over and visit in the "before" mess.   Oh well, we still had a great visit. 

Don't forget to hop over and see what Tracey's done this week too!
Just click on the link above.


Maria said...

i think i'm gonna tackle these "mary" challenges too!

Tracey said...

But I can't wait to see the after during another coffee and chit chat!

Charli said...

I'm actually liking the mary challenges this time. I need to remember sometimes it's the little things that make our families feel loved.

Charli said...

This rotten asthma has me behind. I can't finish painting!