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23 April 2012

Menu Plan Monday for April 22.

I am not smart.  Not at all.
Why did I schedule my portfolio review for Thursday?  Why?

I've never had to do this before.  I didn't officially list Josh as attending school until this year, otherwise the county would stop his speech therapy services.  This year, he's of "compulsory school age" and had to be listed (and yes, speech services were cancelled).  It's OK.  It's not like I pay a lot of property taxes with all our rentals....oh wait....  Never mind.  That's a whole other rant not appropriate for MPM. 

Here's this weeks plan:

Monday: No boil manicotti, garlic bread and salad
Tuesday:  Philly cheesesteak sloppy joes, applesauce and peaches
Wednesday: Pancakes, eggs and baked apples
Thursday:  Pasta with white bean sauce, green beans
Friday:  Pizza night
Saturday:  Alice Springs grilled chicken, baked potatoes and green beans
Sunday:  Party day!

My big guy John turns 6 on Wednesday!  We're having his party at the church playground right after service on Sunday.  Everyone is so busy with kids and sports right now, it's the only time we could pull the family together.  I asked him what he wanted me to make for his dinner.  His answer:  Hot dogs with ketchup and mustard, mamaw's potato salad, my ice cream cake and.....bacon!  Funny boy!

Eli, Breanna, John, Josh, Brent & Josiah at the Pinewood Derby. 

Don't forget to hop on over to orgjunkie.com for more menu ideas!


Rachel E. said...
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Charli said...

I meant to hit reply and I hit remove! Rachel...the bacon was my favorite part too. And trust me, that boy loves bacon.

Rachel E. said...

No worries! I love bacon as well. I have to fight that overwhelming urge to eat it all while is sits on the serving platter.

Barb said...

Don't worry about the portfolio. You will be ok. I was scared to death the first time and I was very comforted by the time I left. I start Jadon this year and I am much more relaxed. If Rhonda is the one doing yours, she is very kind about everything. I just love her. If you have missed anything she will let you know. From what I can see of what you have been doing, you are ahead of most that I have seen out there. I will say a little prayer for you though to get you through. If you are doing anything for God, He will get you through it.

Charli said...

Thanks Barb! Rhonda is doing it. I feel like I'm the one being graded. When I told Ronnie that he said "well, you are". AHHHHHH! Thanks for the prayers.