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13 April 2012

Eaing Local: Papa Bears

Have you heard about Papa Bears?  I hadn't either until it was mentioned on the What Fairmont Needs Is....board.  Turns out, I have driven by Papa Bears every single time I go to church. 

We decided to check it out and packed up the family. 

Small, but friendly with quick service and good food.

Ronnie & I ordered the steak hoagies "regular". 

Nice fresh buns with steak, cheese, peppers and onions....oh, and more cheese!  Ronnie wasn't able to finish the whole thing.  I only ate part of mine, because I wanted to try this:

Hello cheesy love!

Thin crust, hand tossed pepperoni pizza with ooey, gooey cheese.

Now, we're used to thick crust, but this was great.  And only $9.99 for a 14 inch pizza. 

If you can't tell, John was all about the pizza.  Just keep your hands and feet away from the eating child. 

One more thing.....

A real live jukebox!  The boys were having trouble wrapping their heads around how it works, so the guys there opened it up.

That' right!  Old 45's.  Ronnie and I were pretty amazed to see inside it too.

Here's what we ordered:

1 order of cheese sticks
2 cheesesteak hoagies
1 14 inch pepperoni pizza
1 hot dog
1 cherry pepsi
4 waters

Our total was $33 and change.  Not too bad.  And we took home 1/2 a steak hoagie and 4 slices of pizza.

Papa Bears is located at 7 Cory Rd - just off Rt 73.  It's on the left before the turn to MPE rentals and Alco fence. 

Thanks Papa Bears!

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