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16 April 2012

Menu Plan Monday for April 16th.

Lately I feel like a starting gun should go off every Monday.....and there off! 

Last week I survived three birthday parties, two soccer practices, two soccer games, one day of work, one day of on call and one ACLS class - in addition to our normal schedule.

This week remains a week of semi-chaos.  The usual: work, soccer, church.  Add in trying to finish up Josh's portfolio because being the brainiac that I am, I went ahead and scheduled our portfolio review for the end of the month.  Guess who's spending all her free time in front of the computer this week? 

My menu remains simple and crock pot dependant.

Monday:  Foil tilapia, baked potatoes and green beans (crock pot)
Tuesday:  Chicken wings and carrot sticks  (crock pot)
Wednesday: Steak, fried potatoes and sauteed zucchini
Thursday:  Grilled chicken salads (chicken marinated in freezer)
Friday:  Sloppy joes, onion rings and corn (crock pot)
Saturday:  Turkey enchiladas, cheesy black beans and salad. (freezer meal)
Sunday:  Leftovers or breakfast for dinner

There you have it. 

Don't forget to stop by orgjunkie.com for more ideas.


Rachel E. said...

I visited your family blog and noticed Josh's Easter post. Please tell him he did a wonderful job. :-)

Charli said...

Thanks. He was so proud to tell his cousins that he "blogs".

Barb said...

Charlie, I take and have a portfolio ready at all times. After I check the work for the day, the kids hole punch it and put it into the correct categories. They really like it. At the end of the year, I pull about every other sheet and use what I have left. Sometimes, I have to pull more but most of the time that works. I usually have a few things to put in at the end but not much. The kids also can refer back to their work anytime they need a little help. Good luck. We scheduled ours for the beginning of the month.

Barb said...

I also wanted you to know that we usually do the computer thing also but I lost every bit of it when the computers crashed this year. So I just skipped it for the year. I bought an external drive to hopefully fix that this comming year.

Charli said...

I'm not going to wait this long next time. I didn't really think it would take long..just being one kid and all. Lesson learned.