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08 May 2012

31 days - the bedroom.

I look at all the beautiful pictures on Pinterest of bedrooms that are beautiful places where you can escape all the pressures of the world. 

That is not my bedroom.  My bedroom rivals Cabela's in hunting gear, has a makeshift closet that used to be a walk through to the living room, and you can invariably find any type of superhero action figure tucked under the edge of the dresser, bed or side of the fireplace. 

So while I will never have the magazine bedroom, I can still make it a restful place for Ronnie & I. 

I started this week by changing out the bedding from my beloved soft, plush, chocolate brown comforter (can you tell I love this thing?).  I put on a quilt set for summer. 
I then washed all the wood with Murphy's Oil soap and cleaned the windows and curtains.

I went ahead and tackled next weeks challenge and reorganized our closet.  It needed done so I could put away winter clothes anyway.  I'm going to use that day next week to clean the boys room. 

Here's what it looks like:

My biggest Mary challenge this week was the question, What's your block?

Good question.  I think that my attitude is my biggest block.  Sometimes, I just get an awful, poor me kind of attitude.  Why?  I mean, this is the life I chose.  I want to be a stay at home, homeschooling mommy.  I want to have a business that we run out of our home so that my husband can quit the job he doesn't like one day, to do what he does like.  These are the sacrifices that I have chosen to  make.  I need to remember that serving my family in this way is my choice, and make my attitude better.

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Rachel E. said...

Looks good! I like the quilt. Do you have a fireplace in your bedroom?

Charli said...

We do, it's closed off, but I put candles in the bottom of it. It's an old house, it has a fireplace on both sides of the wall - living room and our bedroom. The living room side has gas logs that I love.