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07 May 2012

Menu Plan Monday for May 7th.

Hello Monday!  Here you are again.  And here's another MPM.

I know, I know.  So predictable.  But menu planning is the easiest way to save money and sanity.  No last minute take out, no feeling of dread when 3pm approaches and you realize the people in your house are going to want to eat again.....and soon.

This week is more of the same:  soccer, work, church, life. 

Here's the plan:

Monday: Spaghetti with meat sauce, salad and garlic bread.
Tuesday:  Loaded chicken & potato skillet and salad.
Wednesday: Breakfast for dinner.
Thursday: Crock pot tilapia, cheesy broccoli, and carrots.
Friday: Oven Tacos, with fixin's and fruit.
Saturday: Pizza at Colessano's after soccer.
Sunday: Steak, corn on the cob, Parmesan potatoes and Eclair dessert

I know Sunday is Mother's Day.  I'm not sure if we'll go out to eat or invite the family over to eat.  I'm thinking about picking up some nice heavy duty paper plates & cups, making everything I can ahead of time, and letting Ronnie man the grill.  I think it will end up being easier than fighting the crowds on the weekend to eat out.  On the other hand, it's nice to be waited on sometimes. 

Be sure to check out orgjunkie.com for more great menu ideas.


Barb said...

I hear you survived your portfolio.

Charli said...

I did. You were right, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.