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03 May 2012

A Roku Upate.

I called Comcast on Monday morning to make sure I didn't need to bring the modem back as well as the boxes.  Good thing I did call, I found out some interesting information.

1.  The price of the internet/phone option has risen in the past two weeks from $90.90 to $102 per month.  We have poor cell service where we live, we have to have a phone.

2.  There is a limit on the amount of internet usage you have access to each month.  When you reach a certain level, you're simply cut off until the next billing cycle.  According to Comcast Nancy, this usually isn't a problem, but seeing how we are all heavy internet users, this was worrisome to me.

Now, at this point I was basically disgusted.  I just want to save some money! 

I listened as Comcast Nancy gave me several other options - the cheapest of which was $129.99 a month.  I already pay $149.99 a month.  Not the big money saving idea I was hoping for. 

I calmly explained that we try to live within our means.  I have to cut this bill.  Period.

Guess what?  Turns out they have a bare bones budget type package.  I get phone, high speed internet and 50 channels for.....wait for it.....are you ready?

$94.90 a month.  Say what?

Yep, less than just the internet & phone.

Insert happy dance here.

 The Roku will now take up residence in the playroom (which is also home to our treadmill and stair climber).   I can use it for Netflix during school.  Who knows, Ronnie & I might even get crazy and watch it while on the exercise equipment. 

You just never know with us.

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