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11 May 2012

Finally. A yard sale!

I was having the shakes.  Soccer has really cut into my Spring yard sale time.  My mother in law, Marion and I hit the sales Friday morning.

Here's what I picked up:

At Sallyfield Estates:
1 size M Izod polo
2 size 10 Sean Jean polos
1 size 8 Faded Glory polo
1 size 8 Old Navy polo - with tags
Each were 10 cents = 50 cents for all 5.

At Barry Addition:
1 size M Columbia winter jacket = $5
1 size M Old Navy vest = $1
1 size M Cherokee snow pant = $1
1 size M WVU hoodie = $1
1 size M Steelers hoodie = $1
1 size M Faded Glory jacket = $1
2 sets of M long johns = $1
Working VCR w/ remote = $3

At Apple Valley:
Microscope kit = $5
2 sets of new in box Avon jewelry = $1 each
2 pack of 3 ring binders new in wrap  = $0.50
Clinique eye makeup remover = $0.50
Clinique exfoliating scrub = $0.50
Clinique 7 day scrub = $0.50
Clinique clarifying toner = $0.50
Mary Kay revitalizing scrub = $0.50
2 Cetaphil soap 16 oz = $0.50 each

At Manley Chapel:
King size sheet set 600 thread count = $5

Not pictured:  Little Tikes outdoor picnic table that folds flat to store.  = $15

Total spent today:  $44.50

I probably could have paid less for the clothes at Barry Addition and the sheets at Manley Chapel, but Barry Addition was being held by a very pregnant lady and Manley Chapel was doing it to raise money for Relay for Life.   I have trouble haggling with pregnant ladies and charities. 

My favorite conversation was in Apple Valley.  A very nice gentleman was manning the yard sale with the cosmetics.  When I asked about them (he had a lot of nice cosmetics there - Clinique, Philosophy, Mary Kay) he started telling me about how his wife buys this stuff all the time then throws it in the closet and never uses it.  He said he knows she pays $3 or $4 for that stuff just for him to turn around and sell it for fifty cents.  I just smiled and made my purchases, never letting him know that she is paying well more than what he thinks for these things.  He was sad enough about her wasting $3, I wasn't going to tell him most of it retails for $8 - $15. 

You'll notice there are no toys in my finds.  The boys had to use their allowance money if they found anything they wanted.  I've been having some attitude about getting chores done.  I'm hoping the reward of getting something you want from doing your job will sink in.  And yes, of course they each found a toy. 

Enough already - go yard sale!


Maria said...

What great deals! Even the sheets and clothes at the one sale are still great buys! Now I wanna go out...Lol!

Barb said...

You didn't come to my sale. I didn't have that good of stuff though. I will be open again tomorrow. Doing it by myself. I don't know how long I will keep it open. I guess until my patience runs out. The kids keep dragging toys all over the yard.

Charli said...

I remembered about your sale after we were home. Sorry. Hope you have ton of business tomorrow.

Lori said...

Man...I need to come with you next time, I never find deals like that.

Charli said...

It was a pretty good yard sale day. You can come with us anytime.