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14 May 2012

Menu Plan Monday for May 14th.

I had a great Mother's Day weekend.  How about you? 

Saturday was full of soccer games and home health visits, but Ronnie still managed to take me out to pick out my present.  I couldn't decide between a stationary bike, a new umbrella for my back deck or landscaping the front yard.  Guess what?  He got me the stationary bike, umbrella and matching outdoor rug and we're landscaping the front yard this week while he's on vacation!  I'm feeling so spoiled right now. 

To top it off, I was stressed about fitting everything in on Sunday - I had nursery duty, then the Mother's Day tea at the nursing home for my Nan and I was having both my Mom and Mother in law over for dinner at 4:30.  Ronnie went to church and did my nursery duty for me so I could have dinner ready for him to put in the oven while I was at Nan's.  It was a busy, but really great weekend. 

This weeks posts will probably be a little sparse.  I am in full attack mode on my out of control front yard.  I finally finished the inside of my house (ahead of my 31 days schedule).  I still have the laundry room to clean and I need to go back and do my pantry again - but I'm taking advantage of having Ronnie home this week to remove all the grass and run the tractor for me.

Here's this weeks plan:
Monday:  BBQ Chicken & baked potatoes, salad
Tuesday:  Baked spaghetti, green beans and garlic sticks
Wednesday:  Meatloaf, mashed potatoes and green beans
Thursday:  Breakfast for dinner
Friday:  Homemade pizza and peaches
Saturday:  Hot dogs, potato salad & watermelon
Sunday:  Steak, Parmesan potatoes & cheesy broccoli

Be sure to hop on over to orgjunkie.com for more menu planning ideas.


Barb said...

Can I borrow you?

Lori said...

Your weekend sounded as crazy as ours was. I'm glad I looked at this because I had 1 day that I hadn't planned a meal for yet and I decided to steal one of your dinner ideas, lol.

Charli said...

Glad I could help. I forgot to plug in the crockpot this morning, so I'm thinking it's pancake night tonight!

Rachel E. said...

oops! We had chicken caesar salad with cheesy bread. I'm shopping each day because we have no car. We are down to 10 days before we leave Poland forever.

Charli said...

10 days! I can't even imagine how you're doing this....I whined when we moved everything across the street.