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18 June 2012

Menu Plan Monday for June 18th.

Hello world!  It's Monday again. 

We're finishing up swim lessons this week and starting VBS at my in-law's church.  The boys love this VBS.  The folks at Fairmont First do a great job and they like being with their cousins. 

You'll probably notice a change in our menu this week.  Ronnie & I have been so tired lately.  I know we're busy people, but I think our diet has some to do with it as well.  We're actually following The 17 Day Diet: A Doctor's Plan Designed for Rapid Results.  Dr. Moreno, the author, admits that the 17 day time frame isn't really special, it's just a mindset - a surely I can do this for 17 days, kind of thing.  My goal is to end this summer 20 pounds lighter, with more energy, and able to fit into the awesome clothes my friend Leah gave me. 

With that said, here's the plan for week 1:

Monday:  Steak, carrots and green beans
Tuesday:  Whole chicken in a crock pot, leftover carrots and beans.
Wednesday:  Stuffed tilapia, broccoli and salad.
Thursday:  Philly cheese steak salad.
Friday:  Chicken fajitas.
Saturday:  Steak, sauteed mushrooms and green beans
Sunday:  Family reunion - meat, fruit & veggies.

If you've read the book, you'll know that beef isn't really on the plan for the first cycle.  Here's the thing.  I have a freezer full of grass fed, organic, free range beef that we raised ourselves.  I'm well aware of it's fat content because I discussed with the butcher how I wanted it cut up.  I'm choosing to use beef in all the cycles.

And yes, the boys are eating the same things we are.  My other plan to make life easier is to double our dinners so we have leftovers for lunch the next day.  And while I'm no where brave enough to post my weight for all to see, I'll let you know how it's going next week. 

Have a great day!  We're off to swim lessons!

For more great menu ideas, stop by orgjunkie.com. 


Maria said...

You can do it!!! I know the hardest thing for me was giving up the carbs. (I didn't do the 17 day diet, but I can tell by your menu that the noodles and potatoes aren't on there, which is what I did too.) The first two weeks don't be surprised if you are tired-er....your body may be going thru a withdrawal period. After that tho, you will feel great, have a lot more energy, and see some weight loss too! I can't wait to see your results!!! If you ever need some recipes, let me know!

Charli said...

You're right Maria. It's low carb for the first 17 days, then you add back good carbs. If you want to send me some of your favorite recipes - especially breakfast & dinner, I would appreciate it. Thanks.