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20 June 2012

A Post from Josh.

How to make a boat sandwich.

Take two pieces of bread and one piece of cheese.

Put one piece of cheese and one piece of bread down.

Cut it in half like a triangle.   Put one toothpick on.

Cut one piece of cheese into a triangle.  Put the cheese on the toothpick.

Now eat it!


Tracey said...

Josh, that is one amazing sandwhich! Good job.

Anonymous said...

....wonder where he got that idea? (We made pita boat sandwiches at VBS last night). I sure am enjoying your boys at VBS!

Charli said...

That's what I heard. They are loving VBS! Thanks Shannon.

Do Not Disturb said...

Fun, fun, fun. Do you ever make fun food for your kids? I regularly try but mine NEVER look the way I envision or the way the pictures look.


Charli said...

Mine doesn't usually turn out either - notice the sad, falling little cheese sail.