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25 June 2012

Menu Plan Monday for June 25th.

Well, I survived last week's attempt at low carb eating.  It wasn't easy, and I wasn't very nice last week.  My head was killing me for three straight days.  I finally started feeling better around Thursday night.  Good news:  Ronnie lost 6 pounds and I lost 5.5!  I'm a little irritated that he lost half a pound more than I did, but I have a plan.  This week, I'm adding heaping spoonfuls of sugar or lard to his food.

That'll teach him.

Without further ado, here's this weeks plan:

Monday:  Steak, green beans and twice baked cauliflower.
Tuesday: Baked chicken fajitas and salad.
Wednesday:  Crockpot Tilapia, green beans and carrots.
Thursday:  Chicken stirfry.
Friday:  Zucchini lasagna and salad.
Saturday:  Leftovers
Sunday:  Beer can chicken, carrots, broccoli.

The only meal I've not tried yet is the lasagna.  I think we'll like it, we all like zuccini. 

Don't forget to check out orgjunkie.com for more menu plan ideas.


Maria said...

I think it's a guy thing. Adam does the same thing...we can go on the same diet, I'd lose 6 lbs and he'd lose 8....but I have noticed, he plateaus quicker than I do so I can kinda "catch up". ha ha ha. Good job. The first week is the hardest b/c of the withdrawals....but once you get past that, you will feel great! Keep at it!! See you Wednesday!!

Rachel E. said...

Well, 5.5 is nothing to sneeze at. You did great!