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02 July 2012

MPM: the chaos edition.

So, is it wrong that the best thing about picking up an extra day of work today is the free wifi? 

For those of you not in our little corner of WV, we had a whopper of a storm Friday night.  Seriously,  I've never seen winds like that in all my 40ish years. 

I was working on the computer and heard a little thunder, then all of a sudden Ronnie startes yelling "Get out here quick!".  I run to the back deck to find him throwing stuff from the porch into the kitchen:  chairs, cushions, hanging baskets - anything he can  move.  We both had to work together to get the table umbrella down and in - I felt a little like Mary Poppins!  Trees are falling down, leaves are blowing like a whirlwind, then as we're working, we hear a loud, weird noise and then all of  a sudden a blue streak flies from the front of the house.  Ronnie grabs my arm and drags me inside.  Turns out, our electrical lines actually crossed in the high winds and arced.  Yikes! 

Needless to say, we lost out power that night and it's been out ever since. 

I'm just thankful that Ronnie had enough foresight to buy a generator last year.  We've been able to save the meat in the freezers and have a couple of lights on at night.  We've even been able to run the air conditioner for short periods to keep from melting - it's at least keeping the house around 78.  It could be worse. 

So, this weeks menu consists of whatever.  Whatever I can pull off on short notice.  I'm also working three days and on call five. 

Monday:  Keilbasa, peppers, onions & potatoes
Tuesday:  Take out pizza
Wednesday:  Hot dogs, macaroni salad, baked beans
Thursday:  Leftovers
Friday:  Crockpot layer: BBQ chicken, baked potatos, corn (if we have electric)
Saturday:  Dinner out
Sunday:  Sandwiches & fruit

Not the best, but the best I can do under the circumstances. 

Talk to you when I have electric again!


Lori said...

Wow Charli, you guys got it a lot worse then we did. Hopefully your electric comes back soon....and I think your menu looks perfect given the circumstances.

Charli said...

It was an impressive storm, to say the least.

Charli said...

Oh~ forget to mention, I lost another 1.5 pounds. Not bad considering we've eaten out all weekend.

Rachel E. said...


We just got our power back today! We lost most all our food. Insurance paid us $500 for spoiled food. I do hope you get your power back soon.

Charli said...

Good Rachel! I really am thankful Ronnie got that generator. It has more than paid for itself.