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17 August 2012

Our day trip.

OK.  I have to tell you about our trip on Wednesday.  I'm going to be honest and say I was going just because I wanted to spend time with our friends, the Estels.  Turns out, it was a great trip. 

We headed up to Wheeling to the Kruger Street Toy & Train Museum.  Their website was a little dullsville, so I was worried the kids wouldn't do well just looking at displays of toys.  I was wrong.  Every other room had a hands on toy to play with.  Super fun!  Ron & I had fun looking at all the toys we used to have as kids - my green machine and Donnie & Marie dolls, Ronnie's army men and big wheel - super fun.

Slat car races
Wheeling model company that also works as a defense contractor.
Kinects roller coaster room - amazing!
Amazing details - all out of kinects.

The Rockenboch construction playset was a hit.

From the toy museum, we headed west across to Belaire, OH to see the "Toy & Plastic Brick Museum".  This place is the largest private collection of Lego's.  It was amazing the things that were built out of Legos. 
Ronnie & his good friend Spidey.
The only thing this guy likes more than Legos is Star Wars. 

The Mona Lisa - from Legos
I'm disappointed that I didn't take my Nikon that day.  I didn't want to lug it around so I took Ronnie's camera.  A lot of my pics didn't turn out well - including a life size Darth Vader made entirely from Legos.  This is just a small sample of what we saw there.  The museum is in an old school.  Almost every room had a massive display in it.  The only negative would be that it's a look, don't touch kind of place.  They do have a hands on room where kids can go and build, but there was a birthday party later that day and we weren't allowed to play. 

Of course, no trip to the Wheeling area would be complete (at least for Ronnie) without a stop at hunting & fishing Mecca - aka Cabela's.  Ronnie & Kevin had their fun time while Tracy & I kept the boys entertained in the shooting gallery.

A great day trip!


Selena said...

We went to that Wheeling museum years ago and the kids had fun, but it looks like they've added some displays since then. I need to get info from you for that Lego museum. Iain is very excited about it from your pictures. :)

Glad you had fun. Miss talking to you! :)

Barb said...

Tim told me you were going. We want to find out more about it also. My kids are huge Lego fans. You will soon find that out. Thanks for posting these.