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08 August 2012

What happens when I'm on the phone.....

Most of you know that we run a rental business out of our home.  We have apartments, storage units and a mobile home park. 

There are times that I tell the kids they have to leave the room and be quite so I can talk on the phone. 

They usually do a good job.

Thursday, they found my camera and documented what goes on in the other room while I'm on the phone:

Interesting.  Very interesting.


Barb said...

I gave the kids my old camera. One day I unloaded the videos believing they were all Lego videos. When I did, I found Eli (my inocent one) dropping the dog from the top bunk bed and many other interesting things both of them were doing. They denied it until I showed them video. Then amazingly they remembered. They didn't realized they had left the camera on.

Thanks for the cd. I got a great workout last night and this morning. I hope I don't break a hip or anything.

Charli said...

Glad you liked it. The boys actually had 97 pictures taken in the 10-15 minutes I was on the phone. They're all about the same as the ones above - cheesy or superhero.

Rachel E. said...

Ha! Yes, those kids do have fun when we aren't around, don't they. :-)

Selena said...

Yep, things get interesting when you get on the phone.