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03 September 2012

Menu Plan Monday for September 3rd.

Anyone else's routine turn to chaos when their husband is home?

Ronnie has been home and off work for the entire long weekend.  He planned a camping trip with the boys for Friday & Saturday, but Josh ended up sick and at the doctor's office instead.  It's been a weekend of breathing treatments and movies on the couch.  I may have a sink full of dishes and a pile of clothes to wash, but it's been so nice to do nothing.  I told Ronnie last night that he's my kryptonite.  When he's around, I don't want to do anything but be by him. 

This week is birthday week for my big guy.  Josh will be eight on Friday.  I just can't believe it.  He asked for a surprise party.  Anyone else think that's funny?  I told him we were just having the grandparents over because it's a busy time of year for everyone.  Really, we're having a party Friday at the fishing ponds down from the house.  Surprise!

Without further ado, here's this week's menu:


Beer can chicken, baked sweet potatoes and green beans




Oven baked meatball hoagies, salad and grapes.


Crock pot foil tilapia, baked potatoes and carrots.


Birthday party for Josh.  Colasessano's pizza, chips, & cake.

Saturday & Sunday:
Our homeschool co-op starts on Friday as well, so I'm keeping the menu simple. 
Have a great Labor Day!


Marsha said...

Colasessano's is the best! We always make a point of having their pizza and/or pepperoni rolls when we're home.

Lori said...

Thanks for the tilapia recipe....it is now in my crock pot.