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05 September 2012

One bite at a time: An update.

Back in January I read One Bite at a Time: 52 Projects for Making Life Simpler and came up with a list of 15 items I wanted to tackle for the year. 

I was waiting for the boys to finish their class and found my list. 

Here's how it's going so far....

 My plan for this year:

1. Establish a morning routine   Done
2. Establish an evening routine  Done
3. Eat your frog. Most days I accomplish this.
4. Take an annual vacation (or staycation) Took a couple of day trips
5. Schedule regular date nights.  Fairly miserable failure at this.
6. Create an essential papers file.   Done. Using our NeatDesk
7. Get more sleep.  Done
8. Plan in advance for the holidaysStarted making some scarves, bought 3 presents.
9. Regularly turn off your TV.  Another failure.
10. Organize your photo collection.  Haven't even thought about it.
11. Make a compost bin.  Thought about it.  Just haven't done it.
12. Use the envelope system. (Again) Done
13. Declutter your wardrobe (and focus on your outward appearance). Done
14. Create a regular monthly budget. Done
15. Drink more water. Done.  We bought a Berkey and we're all drinking more water.

Not too bad for September. 


Lori said...

Eat your frog? Does "frog" stand for something else?

Charli said...

Yep, it means to attack your biggest challenge of the day first. That thing you don't want to do. Get it out of the way instead of procrastinating.

Rachel E. said...

I've nominated you for the Liebster Award! Check out my post at ladybugsabode.wordpress.com .

Charli said...

Thanks Rachel! Sounds like fun.