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31 October 2012

Another Challenge? Why yes, I think I will!

Courtney over at Women Living Well has announced her Fall "Make Your Home a Haven" Challenge which begins next week.

I don't know how I forgot all about this, but I just love doing this challenge.  Why?  Well, it's easy and it really does seem to help calm things down in my home.

Each week has a new weekly challenge and focus. 

Week of November 5th: 
Purchase a big candle and light it every day in your home.  I place mine in my kitchen.  Every time it catches your eye, pray for peace in your home. 

Week of November 12th:
Play soft music in your home.  One of my favorites for this is George Winston's December:  Piano Solos.  I'll also play some worship music, like Scripture Lullabies.
The focus this week is using peaceful words and maintaining peaceful relationships.

Week of November 19th:
Focus on the kitchen, the heart of the home.  Use this week to make something special for your family, a favorite recipe, homemade bread, something that makes them feel loved.  This week is about removing discontentment and thanking God for the home he has given you in which you can create a haven for your family.

Week of November 26th:
Decorate!  Make a special place for your family this season.  Plan on ways to focus on Christ this Christmas. 

I really like this challenge because it's simple and it really works to promote a peaceful environment.

Why don't you think about joining me? 


Lori said...

I think I will....who couldn't use some peace in the home?

Vicki Pyles said...

I am going to do this. It sounds awesome.

Maria said...

I'm in!!!!!

Tracey said...

Sounds easy enough. And I love your "goals for the week" thingy. I want to put that on my blog too.

Megan@DoNotDisturb said...

I did this challenge last year. So, yeah, I will join you!