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02 November 2012

Eat from the Pantry challenge: The "not doing so well" edition.

Let me start by saying that Sandi was just an inconvenience for us.  I was watching the news last night, heartbroken for those people who have so many needs and so little left.  It's so overwhelming.

This week was essentially a big old bust with my pantry challenge.  Well, sorta.  I stayed within my $40 for food, but I had to spend extra money to make sure we had gas for the generator ($50) and I also had to buy a new nursing uniform because I fell in mine and ripped the entire hind end out of them.  ($45).  Nice. 

And since I'm an all or nothing kind of girl, I'm probably going to top it all off by eating dinner out tonight and going to see Wreck It Ralph with the family. 

Better luck next week, right?

Don't forget to check and see how Tracey is doing over at Building My House. 


Megan@DoNotDisturb said...

It's ok...we (your readers) still love you. You just never know what kind of curves life with throw at you. Hope you weren't hurt when you fell.


Charli said...

Thanks Megan. Nothing was hurt (unless you count my pride....and my pants!)

Maria said...

give yourself grace, start anew next week. and enjoy "wreck it Ralph"....we want to see that too, but I can't even "pretend" (with credit cards) that I can afford it. LOL. I will wait until Redbox, which is what I usually do! (and I know, what you usually do too!!) Enjoy your splurge family day!!!