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17 October 2012

Bible study with kids.

Our boys are now 8, 6, and 5. We've been searching for a better choice for our evening Bible story. It just seemed like everything we came across was too young or too old.

Enter my new, most favorite family Bible study:

Each night, we follow Doc as we dig for the truth.

There are four parts to each lesson:
The map tells us where we will be going today.
The dig is the main part of the lesson.
The treasure is the big idea of each lesson.
And finally, the display - how we put this idea into real life.

My favorite part of this book is that unlike many kids Bible story books or devotionals, you actually use your Bible. I love that each night the boys are finding the book of Luke. I love that they are becoming more familiar with the location of the books of the Bible and realizing that the Bible is for them. I love that they are reading the word of God, not just someone else's paraphrase of a Bible story.

The lessons are concise, which helps a lot with the "antsy in the pantsy" problem of many of our previous attempts at family Bible study.

We've been using this book for the past couple of weeks and are really enjoying it. I downloaded my copy onto my Kindle, but it's available for the Nook or as a PDF file as well. I think it's the best $5 I've spent in a long time.

You can check out the website here for more information: thedigforkids.com.


Lori said...

This looks like something I'd like to get for the kids....something that I could read to all 3 at once instead of having to find 3 different things...thanks for posting this!

Charli said...

Lori, I think it would be perfect for you kids and their ages. We're really liking it.

Selena said...

Sounds great!